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Milk 3.1 Update 05-02-2005 by peteross Milk 3.1 Update 05-02-2005 by peteross
***Milk 3.1 port by Pete Ross***

Original design and concept by Max Rudberg. Base for visal style is Milk 2.5.1 made by Susumu. ObjectBar base and wallpapers by Pete Ross.

Pack includes the ObjectBar, visual styles, wallpapers and the necessary fonts. You MUST install the fonts to get the ObjectBar and Visual Style to look right.

***UPDATE May 02, 2005***
- Change a font. LucidaGrande 8 has been replaced by Lucida Grande 8. Yes there is a difference!
- Changed small caption to match regular caption.
- Tab font is not customizable anymore. It was removed to get rid of a bug that Lucida Grande 8 would have caused.
- Slightly updated tutorial on changing ObjectBar fonts. Just fixed a few typos.

***UPDATE April 05, 2005***
- Seperated color variations so they would show up in the Control Panel.
- Added more fonts to visual style. Now includes HandelGotDLig 8 & LucidaGrande 8.
- Changed StartMenu. Its All white now.
- Changed tabs just a little. Barely noticable.
- Changed gradients on ObjectBar menu rollovers.
- Added to tutorial on changing ObjectBar fonts.


Special thanks to Max Rudberg and Susumu for granting me permission to release this port.


Any questions? Comments? send them to

Also, check [link] for future releases.

Enjoy the port. :)


Feel free to mod the contents for your personal use, but please do not copy or redistribute this theme without permission! Its alot easier to just ask anyway...

Copyright © 2005 Pete Ross. [link]

Copyright © Max Rudberg 2002 - 2005 [link]

Copyright © 2005 Susumu, StyleFantasist. All rights reserved. [link]
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eliidhor Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
So pretty. Thank u :)
YalovaLee Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008
Hi, very good gallery ;)
Project24 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007
Very nice, thx
s3vendays Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
update this with a compact start menu and it would be perfect.
destructoPop Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Hmm... My ObjectDock won't use magnify functions while I have this theme activated... Is that normal?
Otherwise, I adore this... It's so cute and versatile... And my mac user boyfriend is jealous (my PC is as pretty as his mac?!). ;]
Ballena1 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007
Very nice OB.
envyouraudience Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007
one of my favourites, but it would be nice if it weren't a rar.
qwazo Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2007
yeah, its good work
hybrid101 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2006
Ramozheng Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2006
pretty nice~
gizmo17 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006
This port's awesome. Been lloking for something like this for ages.
PS. kinda wishing the black apple start button is green : P
sakurakira Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2005
thank you for this milk update, it's very refreshing. the first time i tried this I didn't like it, but now I do XD.
xsub Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2005   Digital Artist
The colour pink on this preview makes it look bloody aweful, needs changing.
Charly11 Featured By Owner May 9, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Wow muchas gracias por la actualizacion. Una cosa note animas a sacarlo para Windowsblind, seria genial ;)
Faneramx Featured By Owner May 4, 2005
Thank you for the update but i hope you don´t get in trouble, because the HandelGotDLig Font is a pay font! hey add a shellstyle!!! look how it looks at my skined milk 3.1 [link]
adiCo Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2005
pueden poner SHELLSTYLE ???
peteross Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005   Interface Designer
I dont use the shellstyle so I won't include one but feel free to make one yourself ;)
adiCo Featured By Owner May 1, 2005
Es que no se como!!! :(
eyeball1978 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
Any chance of an alternative start button?
peteross Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005   Interface Designer
What alternate start button? I'm by the book when it comes to themes. Milk 3.1 only comes with a chocolate start button so thats all I will include. When/if Max decides to change it then I will change it. But feel free to make one your self.
dantelongfellow Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2005   Interface Designer
Thanks Pete, this object bar is really one of the best once i have used, thanks for your work.
0815user Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005
Well, nice, but:

Startmenu a bit too ugly (too "compressed" maybe), the <...> in the systray doesn't fit and all in all it looks a bit "unround", compared to milk2 e.g.

Needs a bit work still, keep it up!
madbwana Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005
Oh god! Please, stop with this boring apple logo...
By the way, great job.
dkdance Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2005
nice update !
roxtar-one Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2005
Thanks pete' :D
Blairy Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2005   Digital Artist
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